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IconPark is a game changer for hospitality.
- Chris Morrison, Head Sommelier Guillaume
Any young guns out there looking to open a food & beverage concept check out IconPark, a really cool crowd funding platform.
- Darren J Robertson, Chef
Being invented on the hop makes Stanley St at @iconpark a lively, joyful sort of place.
- Terry Durack, Chief Restaurant Critic
IconPark is the most innovative business I have seen in hospitality.
- Simon Wilson, Event Director Taste Festivals

How IconPark works?


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Awesome, available Food & Beverage real estate tenancies are listed exclusively on IconPark.com
Applications now open for 78 Stanley st Darlinghurst

Hot property now taking confidential applications for permament tenancy!

This multi story restaurant site, located on one of Sydney’s longest standing eat streets, just a short walk from the CBD, Commands attention as one of the neighborhoods most visually arresting buildings. more.
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Who wins and how, when an IconPark crowdfunding location opens?

Which one are you?

Super smart, sexy & in the know customers

F&B Operators

Property owners & Lexus driving, leasing type dudes in suits

The really cool nerds that started IconPark


Get the early news on the hot new restaurant concepts that want to open in hot IconPark locations. Got sweet ass rewards and experiences before all their friends and co- workers, now they are stoked because they have bragging rights because they have stuff that no one else has, and were a part of opening the hot new place in town. Now who’s super smart, sexy and in the know? They are. Sweet!


Stoked because they found out in advance the marketplace really wanted them to open their concept in a specific location. They got a ton of support and vital funding from the most overlooked business partners they will ever have ,their future customers. Their Hot Concept opens in a Hot IconPark location with customer and media heat on them from the get go. Sweet!

Property Owner

Stoked because they got the best damn market pre qualified tenant to take a lease on their property,through a process that has a start and most Importantly a finish date. Its the finish line benefit of an auction but for a commercial lease! Yep, chances are their new tenant has a much better chance of succeeding than a run of the mill tenant. So less property down time equals more lexuseses for property owners and suit dudes. what is the plural of Lexus anyway?

IconPark Team

Stoked because they get to sleep soundly at night knowing that they built this logic of large numbers thing that lets consumers score cool stuff, whilst putting that massive collective brain that is the marketplace to work in selecting the best damn restaurant tenants for those hot locations that they just sorted out for those lexus driving commercial real estate dudes. Sweet! Dan Bilzerian. (We just used his name for SEO purposes).Sweet!