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IconPark can crowdfund your restaurant concept!

Who is IconPark?

IconPark is the worlds first online Crowdfunding platform and real estate fund dedicated to restaurants.

Maybe you know, well we’re crowdfunding with a kicker... We supply the platform plus provide bricks & mortar locations.

What does IconPark do? accepts concepts, in confidence, from inspired, passionate food & beverage professionals that have the determination to see their idea made a reality. We provide entrepreneurial support, upload concepts to our online crowdfunding platform, market them to the crowd and the crowd chooses the best idea, not us. The concept that receives the most support from the crowd wins the right to an approved, licensed, customisable, fitted out and ready to trade IconPark location for a three month season, fully funded!

Who should submit an idea to IconPark?

You may be a chef, a bartender, front of house gun, barista or just about anybody in the hospitality industry or related fields. Maybe you're a crew that can cover all bases of an operation or you're gonna team up and put one together or work with ours, the point is it doesn't matter to us because we believe in ideas, not where they come from.

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IconPark Sydney location

So, why crowdfunding?

Try getting a loan from a bank to finance a Food & Beverage project and who the hell made some faceless guy sitting in a bank loan call center qualified to assess Ideas in the first place? The wrong people have been making the decisions.

The future customers of an idea (the crowd) should be making the call; they are the ones that are going to buy the idea if and when it gets to market. Get them to support the concept before it goes into full scale production. It just makes sense.

What IconPark is NOT about?

You won't have to sign some contract that locks you into a nasty commercial lease or hock one of your kidneys to be a crowd member.

  • We aren’t some Internet scam asking you to send us your bank details so we can wire you some winnings from a lottery you never entered.
  • We are not a bank nor are we in the "business" of loaning money.
  • We are not peddling self-help seminars or bullshit that comes with a free set of steak knives.
  • We are not a platform where people ask for donations or investments. We are a platform where people support and commit to buying experiences from new food & beverage concepts.
  • We don’t steal ideas, we are a part of making them happen.

IconPark is a about championing great ideas and connecting creators with customers.

The IconPark Philosophy

For too long, too few people have had the power to determine what ideas get put into production. It's been going on for millennia and it doesn't sit well with us. We know there is a better way to do innovative business. The IconPark way.

There is so much untapped talent in this city and cities all over the world and we're getting behind it. We want to promote talent to as many humans as possible and then place our trust in those scores of humans to recognise awesomeness and support it.

We are harnessing the crowd's capacity to assess the viability of ideas because it is far more accurate than any one persons. It's math, not voodoo.

Who the hell are we to be putting this on the line?

Dean McEvoy


Dean earned his degree in online entrepreneurship from an online university. It cost him $25 and he is still waiting for it to arrive. In the meantime he has owned a restaurant, founded Internet companies here and in Silicon Valley, even sold one to Yahoo!7 a while ago for a cheeky $40 million. IconPark is his 4th business and combines all his passions of dining, drinking, finger-painting and investing in talented, interesting folks.

Follow him at @deanmcevoy or at the venue, but not for too long it would be weird.

Paul Schell


Paul has created numerous multi award winning, globally publicized Food and beverage Businesses. He has played host to the world’s biggest celebrities, from Mick Jagger to Kim Kardashian and a shopping list of other famous names he likes to drop to get into nightclubs overseas. Paul specializes in the design of jaw dropping hospitality spaces and the creation of kick ass drinking and dining concepts. When he's not too busy reminding people of his Mensa membership, Paul can be found preaching crowdfundings' world changing potential. He has recently embraced the use of Google Chrome and does not own a cat.